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5 Feb. 2010


Speech of J. David Markham
At the Rememberance Day for BEN WEIDER, held at the Museum of Fine Arts of Montreal,
February 5th, 2010

5 Feb. 2010

(3 parts)

Conférence du Sénateur Serge Joyal, «Autour de
Journée hommage à BEN WEIDER tenue au MBAM le Vendredi 5 février 2010

10 Juin 2009

45 minutes

7th International Napoleonic Congres held in Montreal from the 8th to the 12th of June 2009.

 June 2001

5 minutes

Interview on TVA

Interview on TVA in Mr. Weider's office.

May 2000

11 minutes

National Order of Québec Award

The ceremony during which Mr. Weider was made "chevalier de l'Ordre National du Québec" in the presence of Prime Minister Lucien Bouchard.

Sept 1997

 28 minutes

Ceremony at Borodino

A grand ceremony reconstituting  the battle in the presence of Russian officials.

Sept 1997

3 minutes

Conference at Borodino

Mr. Ben Weider's speech after the ceremony.

Oct 2000

46 minutes

Legion of Honor Ceremony


(Full Film)

The entire ceremony during which Ben Weider was awarded the prestigious Legion of Honor by Ambassador Baucahrd in the presence of such distinguished guests as His Imperial Highness Prince Charles Napoleon.

You may also view the ceremony one speaker at a time (hereunder)

 The Legion of Honor Ceremony, speaker by speaker


1 - Arrival of the guests (5 min)

2 - Introduction and National Anthems (2 min)

3 - Speech by Denis Bauchard and awarding of Insignia (9 min)

4 - Speech by Ben Weider (10 Min)

5 - Speech by His Imperial Highness, Prince Napoleon (5 min)

6 - Speech by Cardinal Turcotte (3 min)

7 - Speech by Senator Serge Joyal (7 min)

8 - Speech by Colonel Émile Guegen (2 min)


9  - End of the ceremony - Friends of Ben Weider (7 min)


June 2001

6 minutes

Interview on CTV

English interview on CTV (canal 11) in June 2001.

October 2000

8 minutes

Interview on Discovery

EInterview from Paris

4 minutes

Interview on US channel

Interview with Mr.Weider - US

3 minutes

Interview on CBC

Interview with Mr.Weider - US

7 minutes

Interview on Discovery

Interview with Mr.Weider - US

5 minutes

Interview on CTV NEWS

Interview with Mr.Weider - US

3 minutes


Interview with Mr.Weider - US

4 minutes

Interview on RDI

Interview with Mr.Weider - FR

50 minutes

The life and times of Ben Weider

The story of Ben Weider's life - US

60 minutes


Conference on the death of Napoleon - FR