Over almost two centuries after the death of Napoleon, his genius, charisma and dazzling campaigns remain as magnetic as ever. Among the many books on Napoleon, his battles, everyday life, and on the personalities and armies of this epic period of history, this outstanding work of David Markham fills a notable gap in providing an overall information that gives the reader a solid base of carefully researched facts on a vast range of topics.

The structure of NAPOLEON FOR DUMMIES, in my opinion, represents a sort of “the book within a book” or multi purpose book (6 parts and 26 chapters) that permits the reader to realize his preferences by choosing chapters that he finds extremely interesting to be read first, and others - to be read later, following the famous “Hamlet’s” principle “to read or not to read.” I very much appreciate this approach of the author and find it perfect, especially for young people, but really for readers of all ages. So the reader has in this research at least 6 great books compressed in one.

Like a perfect magician David Markham sometimes converts and unites unlikely different categories; for example, art, science and canons in one chapter providing the reader the profound understanding of this transformation during the most romantic period of Napoleon’s life.

The harmony of textual material supplied with small but very informative pictograms together with abundant pictures by great artists of the epoch, maps and a condensed chronology of Napoleon’s everyday life makes the book a finished masterpiece.

The index represents a concise, invaluable reference work on all aspects of a great life of the most charismatic man in the world and series of wars that gripped Europe during the two decades following the French Revolution.

It was a good idea to write such a book because it covers all topics related to Napoleon’s career and his life. Besides it is not only for dummies. I am sure that any reader including Napoleonic scholars will find it brilliant. The manner of narration, easy reading style, together with lots of rare illustrations makes David Markham’s book an outstanding contribution to the great literature about Napoleon.

If the Emperor were alive, the glance of his gray eyes would have appreciated NAPOLEON FOR DUMMIES by David Markham.

Dr. Alex Zotov, Ph.D., FINS
Uni Prof., Sen. Res.,
Souvorov Military School gr.
INS Member of Honor,
INS Legion of Merit,
St.Petersburg, RUSSIA