Dr. Alex Zotov, Ph.D, FINS

Awarded with the INS Legion of Merit Medal

September, 2005


Alexander Zotov was recently awarded with "Alexander I" (Russian tsar) medal for his publications dedicated to Russian and  Napoleonic history (especially for his second book " General Moreau. Napoleon's Rival N1".

Souvorov Military School graduate, Senior Researcher and Associate Professor at St. Petersburg State University of Technology and Design.

Dr. Alex Zotov is also writer-translator specializing in promoting Napoleonic literature in Russia as well as in dissemination of new and rear research of academic level among universities and high schools in NIS* countries.

He is the author of 35 works including The Failed Franco-RussianExpedition to India, 1801; Napoleon’s Four Personal Requests Rejected ByRomanov; Forgotten General Moreau and many others.

Dr. Zotov was happy to work together with Dr. David. G. Chandler for more than eight years since 1996. The outcome of this cooperation was

Dr. D. Chandler’s book - Waterloo One Hundred Days, translated, edited and printed in Russia in 2004.

Dr. Zotov contributed in promoting the INS thesis of Napoleon’s poisoning at St. Helena by publishing several articles in Russian press in 2005.

He also issued Dr. Ben Weider’s Pilgrimage to St.Helena; Napoleon’sPoisoning. The Final Proof; The Untold Secret Love Story Of Napoleon’sMother as separate books.

Successfully representing theINS interests in Russia Dr. Alex Zotov also publishes the articles in local magazines and newspapers: Napoleon was reallypoisoned;The Garderobe of Napoleon and Josephine; The Charade ofEightHats of the Emperor; Ouvrard – Napoleon’s N1 Financial Agent,; Nathan Rotschild and Waterloo – to name a few.

In his future plans -to publish The Course of Academic Lectures

delivered by Dr. Ben Weider and to write the book: Napoleon, 35 Days In Moscow .


  * NIS countries are the countries of ex-USSR