Meet Dr. Alex Zotov of

St. Petersburg , Russia

This is the Arc de Triomphe of Nawa in St. Petersburg,
which was erected by the Order of Alexander I.
Many parades are held in this area.


Dr. Alex Zotov, one of the most respected Napoleonic historians in Russia , is a valued member of the International Napoleonic Society.


The history of Napoleon is his first love and he also participates in the reenactments, which are organized in Russia .


The troop he is involved with travels to various countries to re-enact some of the Napoleonic battles.

Dr. Alex Zotov holding a French
musket from 1777. In the background
are some Russian re-enactors.

Dr. Alex Zotov is also an author and he writes articles and translates books in Russian, and is doing his part to make our International Napoleonic Society and Napoleonic history better understood by the Russian people.


The INS congratulates Dr. Alex Zotov for his fine work.

Ben Weider