Dr. Alex Zotov, FINS
awarded Souvorow Medal


On the eve of Victory Day of WW2 May, 9 th, 2009, Dr. Alex Zotov, a graduate of the Leningrad Souvorov Military School, has been awarded the Generalissimo Souvorov Medal within the frames of International action “We are successors of the victory”.


Dr. Zotov, Souvorov Military School graduate, senior researcher and university professor, specializes in promoting Napoleonic literature in Russia as well as in dissemination of new and important academic research to universities and high schools. He is the author of about 50 works including The Failed Franco-Russian Expedition to India, 1801; Napoleon’s Four Personal Requests Rejected By Romanov’s; Forgotten Moreau; and The Charade of Eight Napoleon’s Hats. Dr. Zotov has represented the interests of the INS in Russia.

Dr. Zotov has contributed to promoting the thesis of Napoleon’s poisoning at St Helena by publishing several articles on that topic in the Russian press. He also issued Ben Weider’s course of lectures, Napoleon’s Philosophy of Life and Mystery of Death; Pilgrimage to St.Helena; Napoleon’s Poisoning: The Final Proof; The Untold Secret Love Story Of Napoleon’s Mother ; General Michel Franceschi’s Napoleon on the Way to Glory – Truth and Myths, Jean-Claude Dammme’s Yena 1806 – the battle Napoleon did not wish, as separate books.


His recent on-line and off-line publications include: Napoleon - The Final Refuge; Paul I and Continental System; Boots of Great Army; Ouvrard – Napoleon’s N1 Financial Agent; Textile Pillage in Moscow 1812; Melle Nelidoff saves Russian Order of St.George; Moreau and Souvorov; Paul I and Napoleon; and King of Rome’s Playthings.


We congratulate Dr. Alex Zotov for his excellent work and this well-deserved award.