by Dr. Alex Zotov

Among so many biographies of Napoleon and chronologies of his campaigns, career and everyday life, the book of Dr. Alex Zotov is probably the first in Russia to focus on Napoleon’s rivals. Following the general principles of classical biographical research, it covers every aspect of General Moreau’s tragedy, starting from his birth and ending up by the mortal wound, received at Dresden where Jean-Victor Moreau stayed in the camp of the Allied armies near Russian tsar Alexander I.

Some chapters of this book are dedicated to the battles, conducted by Moreau in person against Souworov at Cassano and Novi, and against Archduke John at Hohenlinden, and some – to very long and complicated diplomatic demarches of Russian Foreign Office, focusing on inviting Moreau first as a commander of Russian troops and later as a generalissimo of the Allied armies of the Anti-Napoleonic coalition.

The book is supplied with numerous illustrations, including rare Moreau’s and his wife’s pictures, together with many letters, reflecting Moreau’s hesitations (to accept or to reject the tsar’s proposals to go to Russia).

Besides the battles, the reader will find love, intrigues, betrayal, successes and disappointments. Among the documents provided by the author there is a short note written by Napoleon in person and recently discovered in Moscow archives, that gives a special charm to the book.

FORGOTTEN MOREAU by Dr. Alex Zotov represents an important historical research and a valuable contribution to Napoleonic literature.

Andrey Ivanov, Ph. D.
Member of the Union of writers of Russia
Fellow of International Napoleonic Society