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Review of Dr. Alex Zotov’s FORGOTTEN MOREAU, Comments, Bibliography, Znak, St. Petersburg, Russia: ISBN 5-98223-018-9-1.



New book by Dr. Alex Zotov represents a full and complete biography of Jean-Victor-Marie Moreau (1763-1813) and discovers a rare issue of abundant Napoleonic literature – the competition between two talented generals born by the Great French Revolution. It covers not only battles and campaigns won or lost by General Moreau including some against Russian generalissimo and “old scythian” Souvorov but also depicts political aspects of Brumaire, conspiracy of Pichegru, Cadoudal and Moreau in 1804, relationships with his beloved wife Eugenie Hulot and mother–in-law, lost of his son in America during the exile, family and career associates, and his overall importance in history.

Dr.Alex Zotov thoroughly examines the problem: was Moreau a betrayer or simply was he a dissident and opponent to the Empire established by Napoleon; and proposes the reader to make his own conclusions based upon the true facts and recently discovered papers.

No doubt any Napoleonic scholar will appreciate 7 letters of general Moreau and 1 note of Napoleon dated back to 1800 written by Emperor’s well known undetectable handwriting and taken from cont Orlov’s collection.

This careful research provides an understanding of the nature of Jean-Victor Moreau, his successes and failures, hid brilliance and his errors, and the general causes of his fatal disgrace.

The book is supplied with around 700 perfect illustrations of the great artists of the epoch that gives the reader a visual reflection of the events described.

A fascinating book for any Napoleonic scholar.


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