On March 28th I had the pleasure and honor to participate in a Waterloo history symposium, appropriately enough at the Waterloo Regional Museum in Kitchener, Ontario (located in the Waterloo Region). The very gracious host was Tom Fournier, Commanding Officer of the 41st Regiment Military History Group. My topic was Prelude and PostScript: Napoleon Before and After Waterloo. Lt. General (Ret.) and Ph.D. Jonathan Riley presented a lecture entitled The Other Side of the Hill: S...trategic, Operational and Tactical Decision-Making in 1815, a Comparison of Bonaparte and Wellington. Health issues prevented the renowned Canadian military historian Donald Graves from attending but his paper, “The most complete and handsome military body I've ever looked at:” The British Army from the End in the Peninsula to Waterloo as Exemplified by the 23rd Regiment of Foot, Royal Welch Fusiliers, was present by Chris McKay. After the lectures, Jonathan and I answered questions from the audience. I was the token Bonapartist in the group, a fact that became very obvious when we had the dinner and Regency dancing in the evening. Many of the participants in the symposium are re-enactors, and the uniforms were decidedly Canadian/British. Edna and I, and I suspect everyone there, had a great time and I thank Tom for including us. As a bonus, I now have two new friends, Tom and Jonathan. You can read about the symposium at their website. http://historysymposium.com