The book "Napoleon, The Man Who Shaped Europe" (French edition: Napoléon; Liberté, Egalité et Fraternité) written by Ben Weider has been published in The Netherlands and Belgium last October. After various other translations (including a Mongolian edition) this book has become available to all Dutch readers. The new edition is titled "Napoleon, een andere geschiedenis" which suggests that the book presents a different interpretation of Napoleon's life, as opposed to the many misconceptions that surround his name. This can be seen in line with the goals set by the International Napoleonic Society and thus Ben Weider himself.

One can consult the website of the Dutch editor - Aspekt - at this link:

The book is described more in detail on this page (for the Dutch readers):

One can purchase it - directly from the editor - by filling in the lines on the following webpage:

The book can also be ordered in any bookstore situated in Belgium or The Netherlands (or abroad).

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The Dutch translation of the book is dedicated to Ben Weider.


Tim Van Dyck