The Real Napoleon - The Untold Story

By John Tarttelin, M.A. FINS (Legion of Merit)
Dedicated to Ben Weider the Founder of the International Napoleonic Society

In this book Napoleon is shown for what and who he was and not as the caricature described by many bigoted 'historians', especially of the British persuasion. He was not short, he was often generous and he seldom forgot a friend, particularly those from his early days before he was famous. France was attacked in 1802, 1805, 1806, 1807, 1809 and 1814 - yet it is always Napoleon who is blamed for the so-called Napoleonic Wars, a misnomer if ever there was one. England with a mad King, a Prime Minister who was pickled in port, a Foreign Secretary who killed himself and a Prince Regent addicted to laudanum and alcohol - too umbrage that a genius across the Channel was ruling a country that had been Britain's enemy for decades. Napoleon, in the words of Napier - who served with British forces in the Peninsular and who was regarded as the finest historian of his day - was seen as the epitomization of the democratic forces that were swirling around Europe as a result of the American and French Revolutions.

Hence the British Establishment wanted him destroyed at all costs. Thus millions in gold left the Bank of England to pay for Austrian and Russian armies to attack France. Even worse secret payments were made to assassins working for the Comte d'Artois, Louis XIII's infamous sibling, in order for attempts to be made on Napoleon's life. William Pitt knew all about this and sanctioned this state sponsored terrorism - yet Napoleon would not lower himself to respond in kind. Goethe thought that Napoleon was the greatest man alive and he was Heine's hero. To Nietzsche he was the greatest man of the C19th. He was admired by Byron and Hazlitt and many a denizen of the English mainland. Napoleon was sent to Saint Helena in 1815 because he was so popular with the British public! There he was murdered by one of D'Artois' creatures - Montholon. Napoleon has been vilified and traduced for far too long. I take great pleasure as an Englishman in setting the record straight.

This second edition has a new and extensive Appendix of 6,000 words. The first edition is still available in three parts on Amazon Kindle or as a whole on Smashwords. The Real Napoleon - The Untold Story is based upon the twenty articles John has written for the INS - The International Napoleonic Society based in Montreal.

Whether it's a terrifying horror like TOTAL ZOMBIE - A Zombie Trilogy of 80,000 words; a frightening dystopia like the SOUL SURVIVOR Series; or even a whole new genre with INCUBUS GOTHIC - the first in a series of HORROTICA novels and a massive 175,000 words, John knows how to keep the reader hooked. His writing puts you right in the middle of the story and you soon feel that you are a part of it. He is adept at writing in many genres including Romance and academic works. John's stories and articles have been published in six magazines.

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Published as a PAPERBACK on
246 pages
ISBN: 9781 4819 80517