"John Tarttelin's Kindle Books"

John Tarttelin, M.A. FINS
(Legion of Merit)


"John Tarttelin's first book THE REAL NAPOLEON, dedicated to the memory of Ben Weider, can be found on Amazon Kindle in two parts at $5-53 or £3-45 each. The product of years of research it includes a fresh assessment of Napoleon and information on how volcanoes and severe weather led directly to his downfall.  
A Second book NAPOLEON'S SOLDIER, also $5-53 or £3-45, covers the amazing true story of Jean-Roch Coignet who went from being a dirt poor peasant boy to a Captain in the Imperial Army, serving at Napoleon's side. John was personally asked to join the INS by Ben himself and has now written 21 articles for the Society. Details of all John's work can be found on his Amazon Page."


Many of John Tarttelin's books and articles are also available on



History Through a Distorting Lentz a personal view - January 2011

Napoleon at the Bowes Museum, Art treasures from North England - May 2010

Ashes to Ashes, Red Sunset to Red Dawn - Volcanoes & NAPOLEON 1812 - April 2010

Napoleon, a picture paints a thousand words - March 2010

The Age of Napoleon - September 2009

This Septic Isle, Priviledge and persecution in early C19th Britain at the time of Napoleon - September 2009

Napoleon, the Tambora eruption and Waterloo - August 2009

The Real Napoleon (revised and extended) - May 2009 Also available on Amazon Kindle

Napoleon and the English Press Gang or Bonaparte bombarded by blatant British Bias -

Napoleon and the art of war, a brush with genius -

Little Big Man (Part Five) -

Little Big Man (Part Four) -

Little Big Man (Part Three) -

Little Big Man (Part Two) -

Little big Man, Captain Coignet of the Imperial Guard, (Part One) - also available on Amazon Kindle

Napoleon and Russia, dedicated to Ben Weider

Napoleon's acts of generosity and kindeness - November 2008

England's Wars Against Napoleon - October 2008

England's unlikely hero-Napoleon - September 2008

Hairsay and Heresy: The Murder of Napoleon- August 2008