Wellington’s Salamanca Campaign: A French Officer’s Critique

Jack Sigler, USA



In early summer, 1815, an anonymous 76 page pamphlet with the title "A French Officer's Letter to Lord Wellington Concerning his Last Six Campaigns" appeared briefly on the shelves of the Paris publisher, J. G. Dentou.. A few days later, after Wellington's victory at Waterloo, it disappeared from the shelves. This was understandable, as the pamphlet was highly critical of Wellington's abilities as a general. A few copies of this publication survived, and the purpose of this paper is to describe its criticisms of Wellington especially during the Salamanca campaign of 1811; to consider the original purpose of the pamphlet; and to relate how the author was finally identified only in 2007.



Jack Sigler received his Ph.D. in History from Florida State University in 2006 under Dr. Donald Horward in the Institute on Napoleon and the French Revolution. A retired Foreign Service officer, he is currently a research specialist for the Reichelt Program of Oral History at Florida State University and the Veterans’ History Project of the National Archives, and has taught as an adjunct professor of International Relations at FSU's London Study Center...

He is a member of the International Napoleonic Society, the Napoleonic Alliance, and the Institute for the Study of Napoleon and the French Revolution. In 2007, he presented a paper at the International Napoleonic Society Conference in Dinard, France, and he regularly presents them at meetings of the Consortium on the Revolutionary Era.

He is married to Ruth Godfrey, who is totally responsible for his graphics.