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Napoleonic Scholarship: Volume 1, Number 2, December 1998

Message From The President

Message From The Editor


Beaucour, Fernand
Agents of Napoleon in Egypt 1801, 1815

Brier, Bob & Wood, Mary Mendenhal
Napoleon in Egypt: The Battle of Chobrakit

Byrd, Melanie
The Napoleonic Institute of Egypt

Chrisawn, Margaret
Military Bull in a Diplomatic China Shop: General Jean Lannes' Mission of Lisbon, 1802-1804

Clubbe, John
Schom's Napoleon: A Review Essay

Dague, Everett
Henri Clarke, Minister of War, and the Malet Conspiracy

Elmer, Bob
Piontkowski: A Life of True Devotion

Fedosova, Elena I.
Polish Projects of Napoleon Bonaparte

Feinberg, Herb
North to Palestine - Napoleon Marches Against the Turks

George, Christopher T.
The Eroica Riddle: Did Napoleon Remain Beethoven's "Hero?"

Gichon, Mordechai
Jaffa 1799

Hofschröer, Peter
Wellington: The Genesis of his Waterloo Myths

Tugan-Baranovsky, D.M.
Napoleon as a Journalist

Weider, Ben
Napoleon and the Jews

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