Napoleon: The Emperor of the People

By Kevin Rodriguez, FINS

 The true nature of the reason Napoleon was so popular with the peoples of almost the entire world has never been explained or analyzed. It has been left alone, but now light will be shed upon this unexplored mystery. Using the memoirs of Baron Agathon Fain, the First Secretary of the Imperial Cabinet and several other modern sources, it will be shown that it was his administration in key areas of government  is the key factor in the question of why Napoleon was so admired and loved by the people of France and the rest of Europe. From this understanding of Napoleon’s reign, the conclusions that will be drawn will then be extrapolated, with the use of the 2009 Best PC Game of the Year, Napoleon Total War to demonstrate the policies of Napoleon in action and how they would have shaped the lives of the peoples of Europe and the world if Napoleon had been successful in the Napoleonic Wars.