Rick Hensley review

There is no doubt that this land-mark translation and the significant augmenting of one of the most famous tactical studies ever sets a superb, new standard in Napoleonic history & publishing.

This title transforms Bressonnet's original book published in 1909 into a modern, 400+ page over-sized giant of lavishly illustrated text, richly supplemented with exciting new tactical diagrams, after-action reports, illustrations and much more. The final result is that "Napoleon's Apogee" is unquestionably the highest quality Napoleonic combat study ever offered. Oh, sure, there have been over-sized Napoleonic art books and similar texts illustrating Napoleon's life. But there has never, ever been a Napoleonic battle study like this that features all the best of a superbly-researched and highly-detailed narrative giving the flow and analysis of combat combined with fantastic art direction.

Thanks to Military History Press and Scott Bowden for bringing this wonderful book to the English-speaking audience.