Eleventh International Napoleonic Congress

Toronto,Ontario, Canada
29 July - 2 August 2013

Old World, New World: Momentous Events
of 1812-1814

We encourage all people interested in this era to attend this Congress, whether or not they wish to give a paper.



Sunday 28 July

19:00   Informal dinner, location TBA


Monday 29 July, the Alberta Room

09:30   Registration

10.00   Opening Remarks by INS President J. David Markham
            Tribute to INS Founder Ben Weider by Dr. John Fournier

Session I Susan Conner, USA, Chair

10:30   David Raymont, Canada, Napoleon, the War of 1812, and the York Pioneer and Historical Society

11:00   Richard Feltoe, Canada, Looking at the War of 1812:  A Virtual Tour though Original Artwork

11:30   Break

11:45   Victor Eiser, Canada, An Imperial Eagle in Russia (including a showing of an episode of Museum Secrets)

12:15   Luke Dalla Bona, FINS, Canada, Napoleon Planning His Coronation (co-written by Sadys Sanchéz Aguilar, Cuba)

12:45   Discussion

13:00   Lunch in Toronto


Session II David Raymont, Canada, Chair

14:30   Margaret B. Crosby-Arnold, USA, Law: Napoleon's Global Legacy Beyond 1814

15:00   Romain Buclon, France, From November 1812 to April 20th, 1814: The Failure of the Napoleonic System as seen through the Collapse of the Kingdom of Italy

15:30   Break

15:45   Susan Conner, FINS, USA, Opening Up a Few Cadavers: The Marketplace in Bodies in Eighteenth-Century and Napoleonic Paris

16:15   Sylvain Cordier, Canada, A Sèvres Porcelain Cabaret Presented by Empress Marie-Louise to Cardinal Fesch for New Year's Day 1812. A New Acquisition by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

16:45   Discussion

19:00   INS Reception at the home of INS President Markham


Tuesday 30 July

08:00   Transport by minibus from the Royal York Hotel to 1812 battlefields and Niagara Falls


Wednesday 31 July, the Alberta Room

Session III Jack Sigler, FINS, USA, Chair

9:00     Pouyan Tabasinejad, Canada, Al-Jabarti’s Religious Hierarchy and Bonaparte’s Revolutionary Hypocrisy

9:30     Sheragim Jenabzadeh, Canada, Revolutionary Imperialism in the East

10:00   Break

10:15   Todd Fisher, FINS, USA, The Field of Bautzen

10:45   John Stanley, FINS, Canada, Poniatowski

11:15   Discussion

11:30   Lunch in Toronto


Session IV  Romain Buclon, FINS, France, Chair

13:00   Dana Lombardy, FINS, USA, The Pen Is Now Mightier than the Sword: Publishing Napoleon's Legacy & His Era's History

13:30   David Robinson, Canada, ‘A Glorious and Successful Retreat:’ Press Coverage of Defeat During the Anglo-Russian Invasion of Holland

14:00   Nisrine Rahal, Canada, Gendered Appeals to The Nation: The Image and The Participation of Women in the German Wars of Liberation

14:30   Break

14:45   Matthew Zarzeczny, FINS, USA, Meteors Who Enlighten the Earth

15:15   Karen Millyard, Canada, An Astonishing and Curious Account of Social Dance in the Napoleonic Era

15:45   Discussion

16:00   1812 Dance Workshop with Karen Millyard



Thursday 1 August

9:30     Depart Lobby of Royal York Hotel for Visit to Fort York

10:00   Guided Tour of Fort York

            Afternoon free to explore the great city of Toronto

16:00   INS Reception Aboard the Oriole

18:30   INS Gala Dinner at Bar Milano


Friday, 2 August, the Alberta Room

Session V John Stanley, FINS, Canada, Chair

10:00   Nathan Jensen, FINS, USA, ArcDeTriomphe.info: Using the Internet for Enhanced Historical Research

10:30   Edna Markham, FINS, Canada, The Geography of the Latin American Naval Insurgency: 1815–1821

11:00   Break

11:15  Nick Stark, FINS, USA, Plucking the Shamrock of Europe: Lessons from Irish Revolution and Union

11:45  John McErlean, FINS, Canada, Don't Shoot the Messenger! Adventures in Special Communications in the Napoleonic Era

12:15   Sandra Gulland, USA, In Search of Josephine: The Movie and the Book

12:45   Discussion and Conclusion of the Congress

14:30  Visit to Art Gallery of Ontario to see the collection of ship models, including many made by Napoleonic-Era Prisoners of War (POW) and a premier collection of carved European ivory. Time afterwards to explore other areas of Toronto.

19:00   Informal dinner for those interested.