Mr. Vitor Escudero, President of the Portuguese Institute of Historical Military Studies of Napoleon, has done tremendous work in that country to promote the contributions of Napoleon to the people in numerous countries throughout Europe . His hard work and dedication to this cause have promoted the Spanish Government to present Vitor Escudero with the medal of “Civil Merit Order of Spain”. This is a very prestigious honor, which is not presented to many people.

The International Napoleonic Society offers Vitor Escudero our hearty congratulations for this great achievement, and we are proud to have him as an important member of our Society.

The photos describe some of the events that took place during the ceremony.

Vitor Escudero poses proudly at the Spanish
Embassy, Red Room, with the huge painting
of the King of Spain, Carlos 1.

In this photo, the Spanish Ambassador to Portugal describes the contributions that Mr. Vitor Escudero has made to Napoleonic history, in order to explain his merits in Napoleonic history.


In this photo, we see His Royal Highness the Duke of Braganca, of the Royal Family of Portugal, congratulating Vitor Escudero, after having received his prestigious award.

The Portuguese Nobel Prize of Literature,
Mr. Jose Saramago (at left) with
Mr. Vitor Escudero (at right), and the
Spanish Ambassador to Portugal (center)
are in pleasant conversation about the award.