Listing of the current papers that will be presented

Of course, many participants have not yet sent me their exact title, so the list will grow in the near future.


Rafe Blaufarb, USA, Napoleon's Greatest Campaign: The Pacification of France, 1799-1802

Elena Khonineva, Russia, A Review of Napoleonic Exhibitions in Moscow in Recent Years (*)

Olivier Lammens, South Africa, From Iena to Ulundi, the consequences of the victory of Iena, namely the 1870 war with Prussia and why the Prince Imperial wanted to have a successful military record before trying to take power in France.

Erez Levanon and Eli Witztum, Israel, Napoleon’s Attitude Toward Religion (*)

J. David Markham, USA, From Malmaison to Aix: Napoleon’s Last Days in France (*)

Edna Mueller, Canada, A View from the Saddle II:  Napoleonic Hacks and Mashups Using Google Earth (*)

General Henri Paris, France, The War in Spain and Its Lessons for Today (*)

Dennis Potts, USA, What If: The Convention of Cintra, A Counterfactual Analysis (*)

Nickolay Promyslov, Russia, The Retreat of the Grande Armée from Moscow to Smolensk According to the French Correspondence in the Russian Archives (*)

Dr. Jeanne Ruderman, USA, Advertising Napoleon: Images of Napoleon in the Modern Media (*)

Liviu Alexandru Sofonea, Romania, Napoleon and the Industrial Revolution in France

Nicholas Stark, USA (read in abstentia), Society - Friend or Enemy of the Blacks? Race and Slavery in Revolutionary and Napoleonic France (*)

Frans Summut, Malta, The Enlightenment in Malta and the Coming of Bonaparte

Isis Wirth, France, Napoléon in Egypt: The First ‘Clash of Cultures?’

María Zozaya, Spain, From Saragossa to France: Changes Through the Vision of a Napoleonic State Prisoner (1808-1814) (*)