Napoleonic Historical Society
Holds Successful Conference

The Napoleonic Historical Society, a largely North-American based organization, held its annual conference 13-15 September, 2013, in Alexandria, Virginia, USA. Alexandria is a suburb of Washington, DC. INS President J. David Markham is President Emeritus and has served on the board of directors about 20 years.

David and Edna Markham join Victor Eiser
and Napoleon on Saturday evening.

The first order of business on Friday was the meeting of the Board of Directors. President Coburn Grabenhorst, Vice-President Daniel Adolphe and Secretary-Treasurer Edna Markham were all re-elected. David Markham gave the group the latest information on upcoming INS congresses. After dinner that evening, Douglas Cohn gave a very informative talk on the Battle of Austerlitz.
Hank Zucker of California poses with
Napoleon and his loyal grenadier.

Bob Wiseman, David Markham and Hank Zucker.

The presentation of papers began on Saturday. During the day we heard interesting presentations from Alex Sundquist, Dana Lombardy, Philippe Montanari, Douglas Allan, Victor Eiser and Tim Kirkpatrick. Tim’s presentation was especially notable as it included several rousing performances with his bagpipe.
INS President David Markham presents Napoleon
(Mark Schneider) the Eagle of the INS.

A new feature in recent conferences is the so-called ‘Blitz Session,’ where people give shorter presentations about more narrowly-defined topics These presentations featured Fran├žoise Watts, Col. William Colligan, Edna Markham, Margaret Rodenberg and Chris Maine.

Napoleon presents Mark Billings with an award
for his major contributions to the NHS.

NHS Executive Director Todd Fisher addresses the
banquet while Napoleon looks on.

The high point of all NHS conferences is the Saturday evening cocktail reception, dinner and speaker. Participants are encouraged to dress in period costume or in black tie formalwear. At this event, INS President Markham gave a report on INS activities and the traditional toast to the Emperor. This year’s speaker was Mark Schneider, better known for his re-enacting role as Napoleon. Mark has portrayed the Emperor at events throughout the world and is widely considered the best Napoleon to be had. Before the ‘Emperor’ could address his ‘loyal subjects,’ however, President Markham honored him by making him an INS Fellow. In an ironic touch, Markham presented him with his own eagle, much as Napoleon did when presenting a special Legion of Honor! And in something of a ‘turnabout is fair play’ move, Mark Schneider, uh, that is, Napoleon gave an award to INS Fellow Mark Billings of Montreal for his major contributions to the NHS.

Sunday’s activities included a trip to Mount Vernon, George Washington’s home.

Napoleon gives his loyal subjects an animated talk
while Alfonso Alejo takes it all in.

Congratulations go to NHS Executive Director Todd Fisher and all others who helped make this an outstanding Napoleonic gathering!

The 2014 NHS conference will be in New Orleans and the 2015 conference in Toronto.


David Markham, INS President