Dear INS Fellows,

Once again I am pleased to provide the annual newsletter from the Institute on Napoleon and the French Revolution at the Florida State University. Our two institutions share a common goal and have an excellent relationship.


The 200th anniversary of The Battle of Waterloo
On Saturday, June 27th at 2:00 p.m., Clifford Goldfarb will give the 2015 Cameron Hollyer Memorial Lecture on "Arthur Conan Doyle's Waterloo" at the Toronto Reference Library, 789 Yonge Street, Toronto. The talk commemorates the 200th anniversary of The Battle of Waterloo. Following the talk, R.H. Thomson, one of Canada's finest actors, will read the lead role of Corporal Brewster in Conan Doyle's short play "Waterloo". Conan Doyle wrote a novel, three short stories, a play and non-fiction about the Battle, and, unusually, wrote about it from both sides. This forms a significant part of his extensive writing about the Napoleonic Wars.

The event, is sponsored by the Friends of the Arthur Conan Doyle Collection. It is open to the public, free of charge, with light refreshments.

Details are at:

A Waterloo History symposium

On March 28th I had the pleasure and honor to participate in a Waterloo history symposium, appropriately enough at the Waterloo Regional Museum in Kitchener, Ontario (located in the Waterloo Region). The very gracious host was Tom Fournier, Commanding Officer of the 41st Regiment Military History Group.

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Malta University Press has just launched a new book entitled
France in the Maltese Collective Memory, Perspectives, Perceptions, Identities after Bonaparte in British Malta
by Charles Xuereb. The book represents the thesis the author presented for his Ph.D. at the Institute of Maltese Studies of the University of Malta.
President David Markham is pleased to tell you that historian Charles Carlini has included a written interview with him on his website.
You can read that interview here:

From Belgium


On November 16-17, there was quite an action
at Bassenge, near Liège in Belgium.


Napoleonic Historical Society
Holds Successful Conference

The Napoleonic Historical Society, a largely North-American
based organization, held its annual conference
13-15 September, 2013, in Alexandria, Virginia, USA.
Alexandria is a suburb of Washington,
DC. INS President J. David Markham is President Emeritus
and has served on the board of directors about 20 years.


From Den Helder
Theodor Ian Anthonius Popma passed away

After a joyfull life Theo passed away after a short fight against cancer. We all know him as a very remarkable person who was the guide in our Napoleon Fortress “Kijkduin” in Den Helder in the Netherlands. His knowledge and experience in the Napoleonic history led to the initiative for the congress of the International Napoleonic Society 2011 in Den Helder. We will remember Theo as a very friendly and concerning person. Theo became a Fellow of the INS in July 2011.


From France

“Pierre Viallet, director and writer, born in 1918 died on
April 15, 2013. According to his wishes his ashes were scattered at sea off the costs of the Ile de Ré where he wrote his twelve novels, including his last "A dream of Napoleon" for which he had the great joy of being nominated Fellow of the International Napoleonic Society.”
The INS extends its sympathies to his wife and family, and to all who knew and respected him.
Pierre Viallet will be sorely missed.

The Annual Report of the INS, for 2012
By President David Markham

From Belgium
This short film advertisement for Project Hougoumont
(South of Brussels Belgium). We are looking for US and Canadian sponsors of the project. Hopefully they will restore the site
by 2015, the 200-year anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo.


From Belgium
«The man who shaped Europe» has become available in the Dutch language. We can proudly present you with another translation of one of Ben Weider's great works in literature. «Napoleon, een andere geschiedenis» shall be the title for the book in Belgium and The Netherlands... and beyond.


From France

A new French Napoleonic and
First Empire magazine has just born


From India
The great country of India, with over one billion people, has published two books about Napoleon “The Murder of Napoleon", which gives the complete story about the poisoning of the Emperor.
The other book, is about the story of Napoleon and
the truth about him, without any lies.

From Mongolia:
Ben Weider's books have been translated and published in Mongolia by Professor Choisamba Choijiljav

From Canada
A fabulous Napoleonic donation

by Général Michel Franceschi

The Long Shadow of the Emperor
Two centuries later Ruud Snijtsheuvel is a living
memory of Napoleon - by Frans C. Klut, FINS - January 2012