Napoleonic Historical Society Convention
in Las Vegas


The Napoleonic Historical Society held its 2010 conference in Las Vegas 12-14 November. As always, this conference attracted a good assortment of Napoleonic scholars as well as those with a more casual interest in the subject. INS President David Markham represented the INS and played an active role throughout the weekend. Markham is President Emeritus of the group and a long-time member of the board of directors.

There were a number of excellent presentations on a wide range of topics. Presentations included Napoleonic Collecting (Robin Bates); 1814: The Siege of Naarden (Ken Witt); Talleyrand Revisited (John Welsh), Kellerman’s Cavalry at Waterloo (Mike Bonura), Marshal Bessieres: A Most Honorable Soldier (Jean-Pierre Miquel); Napoleon and His Polish Troops (David Stefancic); and Costuming Napoleonic Films and Figurines (Greg Mowry).


Michael Bonura, a frequent INS presenter, gives the Saturday
luncheon lecture on Kellerman’s Cavalry at Waterloo


David Stefancic talks about Napoleon's Polish troops


One of the most interesting aspects of this conference was its emphasis on collecting Napoleonic artifacts. In a roundtable discussion, collectors showed documents, pipes, books and medals, and discussed their experiences in collecting them. This was a rare opportunity to learn about collecting from the ‘experts’ and to see samples of a wide range of Napoleonic artifacts.

NHS President Shep Paine and INS President David Markham admire
Cobe Grabenhorst’s incredible collection of Napoleonic pipes.


David Markham discusses the ins and outs of collecting Napoleonic snuffboxes.

In the Saturday banquet, President Markham gave his traditional toast to the Emperor. He then presented three awards from the Renaissance française. John ‘Jerry’ Gallaher, one of the world’s top Napoleonic scholars, received the Gold Medal of the Renaissance française, their top award. John Welsh and Edna Mueller each were presented the Médaille d’or du Rayonnement Culturel, and Welsh was also inducted as an INS Fellow. The Renaissance française is a French cultural organization with the high patronage of the French president and several ministries.

Edna Mueller receives the Médaille d’or du Rayonnement Culturel for her
outstanding work in pioneering the use of Google Maps and other
technology to better understand Napoleonic battlefields and campaigns.


Ken Witt chats with Jerry Gallaher at the Saturday banquet.
Gallaher later received the Gold medal of La Renaissaince française.


John Welsh receives the Médaille d’or du Rayonnement Culturel for his
tireless promotion of the French role in the American War of
Independence and his portrayal of General Rochambeau.


As always, President Markham worked hard to recruit presenters for the INS Congress in Den Helder. In this he was very successful as several scholars indicated they would be attending. All in all, it was a very successful conference, and the INS received a great deal of positive attention.