Napoleons's Sabre at the Georgian National Museum. Emperor's 1er Chasseur à Cheval

By Ivane Menteshashvili


Napoleon's Sabre at the Georgian National Museum: Emperor's '1er Chausseurs a cheval gives the story of the saber, how it came to be in Georgia, explains inscriptions on the sides of the blade, and gives detailed information about Napoleonic cavalry, chausseurs, chausseurs a cheval, and particularly the 1er regiment chausseur  a cheval.

Ivane Menteshashvili has participated in two Napoleonic congresses, in 2000 in Tblilisi , Georgia and in 2009 in Montreal, Canada. He has two publications in International Napoleonic Journals;  the first is  "Napoleon in Russian Poetry of the 19th Century" (in Russian) and the second is  "The Great Romantics. Napoleon in Lord Byron's Poetry" (in English). He has given two public lectures on Napoleonic topics in the auditorium at the Georgian national Museum, The first, in July, 2009,  was a report on Montreal 7th International Napoleonic Congress as well as the paper he presented. The second was the lecture on Napoleonic the saber and 1er regiment chausseurs cheval in March, 2010.  The paper had been publish in Museum's proceedings and popular military-historical magazine  "Arsenal". This week, on 23, June,  he took to the 1st public channel of Georgian TV and lectured widely on Napoleonic issues.