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The International Napoleonic Society ( INS ) proudly presents the Legion of Merit Medal to Mr. Amit Swami, President of the Young Men’s Association of India. “The award was created to recognize the achievements of extraordinary individuals who dedicate themselves to correcting the misinterpretations related to Napoleonic history, contribute to the advancement of Napoleon’s principles and help advance and educate citizens of their country on the many positive contributions made by Napoleon,” said Dr. Ben Weider, President of the INS .

A long time admirer of the Emperor Napoleon, Swami often lectures large audiences on the recent scientifically proven theory that Napoleon was, in fact, murdered. On June 2 nd, 2005, Dr. Weider, after years of scepticism and ridicule changed history. He was acknowledged for his 40 year quest in proving the truth behind Napoleon’s death. While living his last days on the island of St. Helena, it was apparent to Weider that Napoleon did not die of stomach cancer as history stated.

Mr. Swami during his lecture on Napoleon’s death attended by Dr. L. N. Sharma and Professor P.C. Popli M.A.M. Phil.

On September 27 th, 2005, Swami gave an extremely impressive and moving lecture at the Postgraduate Regional Government College of Gurgaon, India. He highlighted Dr. Weider’s amazing research supporting the theory that Napoleon died from systematic and long-term arsenic poisoning. Attending the lecture were several hundred students and school dignitaries including Dr. L. N. Sharma, Principal of the College and Professor P.C. Popli M. A. M. Phil, Dean of the History Department.

This photo shows a portion of the large student body that attended Swami’s lecture regarding the poisoning of the Emperor Napoleon. The reaction was amazing.

Currently, Swami is translating Weider’s book titled, "The Murder of Napoleon" into the Indian language and will distribute it throughout India.

The INS extends their sincerest congratulations to this exceptional gentleman and wishes him continued success.

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Amit Swami (third form left) with the Honorable Defense Minister of India



Amit Swami (third from left), a Fellow of The International Napoleonic Society, who is also the recipient of the Legion of Merit Napoleonic medal, and the President of The International Napoleonic Society in India, is shown presenting a copy of Ben Weider’s book entitled "Napoleon, The Man Who Shaped Europe", to the Honorable Defence Minister of India, The Honorable Rao Inderjeet Singh.

This book has been published in England by Spellmount Publishers and could be purchased directly through them at:

Mr. Jamie Wilson, FINS
Spellmount Publishers
The Old Rectory
Staplehurst , Kent TN12 0AZ


This book is spellbinding, exciting, and with up-to-date photos of the Emperor.





The Hindi edition of Napoleon has been a massive success. Due to the dedication and devotion of Amit Swami, President of the Young Men's Association of India, the book sales are increasing tremendously.

We are pleased to publish a few photos showing how the sale of the book is displayed in hundred of bookstores throughout India. Also are 2 new presentations of the book to outstanding personalities in India.

Amit Swami, at left is making a presentation of the
new book about Napoleon, in the Hindi language to a
very respected environmental scientist, Dr. C.V. Singh

Amit Swami, in the center of the photo is
presenting a book to Dr. Abmay Jain, who
is a very important doctor in India

Here is a display of the Hindi edition of Napoleon
in one of the major bookstores in New Delhi.
The book is a sensation in India

For those readers who are interested and can read Hindi, if you wish to obtain a copy, please write directly to:

Mr. Amit Swami, MA, FINS
President, The Young Men's Association of India
Ram Bhaman
Kunj Gali
Rewari 123401


From right to left: Chander Parkesh (IAS) Deputy Commissioner,
Lt. Gen. Rajender Singh Hooda, Amit Swami,
Lt. Gen. Satyaveer Yadav, Colonel Ram Singh (Former Union
Minister of India), G.L. Yadav (Sub Divisional Magistrate)

Every year, the Indian Army organizes, in the city of New Delhi, India, the Indian War Heroes Memorial Function. This is an official function, and all guests who are invited have to be pre-approved by the Army officials.

The Chief guest of this function was Lieutenant General Satyaveer Yadav, and he was accompanied by many other senior army officials.

Amit Swami , the representative of The International Napoleonic Society, obtained permission to present a copy of Mr. Ben Weider’s book entitled “The Murder of Napoleon”, which was published in the Hindi language.

Any readers who wish to read the book in the Hindi language, can communicate with Amit Swami at fax number: 91-1284-264463.

Napoleon Bonaparte is indeed popular in India and has many followers there.


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