This review is from: Great Commanders (Paperback)

Great Commanders, produced by the Combat Studies Institute Press of the US Army Combined Arms Center, is an excellent collection of essays on the leadership qualities of an interesting assortment of 'great commanders.' At first blush, some of these commanders would seem to have little in common, but it turns out that there are some common threads than tie them together, including such things as achieving what seemed impossible and standing far above other contemporary commanders. The essays are well-written and informative, though they do tend to rely on secondary sources more than on primary sources. And I'm not at all sure I would put Curtis LeMay in the same category as, say, Alexander the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte or Horatio Nelson. I would have also liked to have had Julius Caesar included, for he surely stood out and achieved beyond expectations. Of course, I especially enjoyed my friend Mark Gerges' essay on Napoleon. And, fair disclosure, I provided the image for the cover of the book. That said, I would recommend this to anyone who would like relatively brief but well thought-out essays on a wide variety of military leaders.

J. David Markham, President
International Napoleonic Society