Reforms under Napoleon Bonaparte -
by Nicholas Stark


Did Napoleon merit the reputation that surrounds his name? -
By Jean-Claude Damamme

Countess Walewska relates how she met the Emperor
from the private collection of Comte Alexander Walewski


Napoleon Bonaparte, First Consul and Emperor -
By Ben Weider


General Lallemand's Account of Napoleon's Departure,
Napoleon refuses to go to America - Posted on August 2008

Napoleon, the story of an uncommon destiny - Translated by Jonathan House from «Les Chroniques de l'Histoire». September 2008

Napoleon and America -
by Pascal Cazottes, translated by Jonathan House


Flight of the Corsican Eagle (1769-1821) -
by Stewart Addington Saint-David, FINS (September 2010)


King of Rome - Napoleon's advice to his son


1814, Marie-Louise: The letter that changed everything -
by Benjamin W. L. Derhy, FINS, May 2011