Dr. Donald D. Horward
Chevalier, Légion d'Honneur
Commandeur, Palmes Académique
Professeur Emeritus


April 11, 2008


In a special award ceremony, held at the University of Alabama, Huntsville, the Massena Society organized a special event, in order to recognize three outstanding Napoleonic historians.

Dr. Donald Horward, who is one of the world's leading Napoleonic historians, organized this event, which attracted many historians from several countries.

We are proud to post a photo below of the event, plus information about each of the Napoleonic historians who received the awards.

The special ceremony, reception, and banquet, were organized at the home of John Severn, who is the Associate Provost of the University of Alabama, in Huntsville, and has already been awarded the "Legion of Merit" Medal for his numerous contributions to Napoleonic studies.

Here is a list of the candidates, together with some information about each of them:

Kyle O. Eidahl, Professor of History, Florida A&M University. A graduate of Luther College and Florida State University. He has published numerous articles on Marshal Nicolas Oudinot, and given papers at many conferences including the Consortium on Revolutionary Europe, French Historical Studies, Western Society of French History, the Napoleonic Alliance, and the International Napoleonic Society Congress in Alessandria, Italy. He is a director of the Consortium and for ten years, he was the co-editor of the publications of the Consortium’s Selected Papers of the Consortium on Revolutionary Europe.

John H. Gill, Colonel, National Defense University. A graduate of Middlebury College and George Washington University. He published two books on Napoleon, including With Eagles to Glory: Napoleon and his German Allies in the 1809 Campaign, and Thunder on the Danube, and numerous chapters in volumes devoted to Napoleon. He has given almost a dozen papers at the Consortium and other historical society congresses.

Frederick C. Schneid, Professor of History, High Point University. With a Ph.D. from Purdue University, he is a director of the Consortium on Revolutionary Europe and current editor of the Consortium’s Selected Papers. His books include Soldiers of Napoleon’s Kingdoms of Italy, and Napoleon’s Italian Campaign. He has given papers at various historical meetings, almost annually, for the past fifteen year and several of his articles have been published in various historical volumes.

Dr. Donald Horward, one of the world's leading Napoleonic instructors and teachers, congratulates 3 outstanding Napoleonic scholars, having presented each of them with the "Legion of Merit" Medal from The International Napoleonic Society. From left to right we see Colonel John H. Gill, Dr. Kyle O. Eidahl and Prof. Frederick C. Schneid.