President Markham’s Opening Remarks to the 12th International Napoleonic Congress


« I am pleased and honored to welcome you all to the International Napoleonic Society’s Twelfth International Napoleonic Congress. We have scholars from ten different nations, each bringing their own unique perspective and reflecting many different sources of Napoleonic research. I am sure you will enjoy and learn from the presentations, and I am equally certain that you will enjoy the rest of the INS activities and the beautiful, friendly and historic city of Havana.

The International Napoleonic Society exists to explore and promote the academic study of the Napoleonic Era. We honor scholars and others for their work in this field by making them Fellows of our Society. To further the understanding of Napoleon and his times, we publish Napoleonic Scholarship: The Journal of the International Napoleonic Society. It is the only English-language academic journal dedicated to this field. We also hold Congresses such as this one, with previous Congresses being held in Canada, France, Italy, Israel, the Republic of Georgia, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland and Russia. Future Congresses are planned for Belgium, Ireland, St Helena, Norway, the USA and other locations.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank a number of organizations and people that were important partners with the INS in making this Congress possible. First, I would like to thank the government of Cuba who, through its departments, welcomed us to their country with open arms. More specifically we received important cooperation from the Direccion de Patrimonio Cultural and the Consejo Nacional de Cuba. We are all indebted to the Oficina Del Historiador, Cuidad de La Habana and to Dr. Eusebio Leal Spengler, Historiador de la Cuidad de La Habana, who gave this Congress full support. Muchas Gracias!

We are most grateful to all of the workers at the Museo Napoleónico and Sadys Sanchez Aguilar, the director of the Napoleon Museum in Havana, not only for their help with this Congress but also for the outstanding work they do to protect and promote a truly great Napoleonic museum. We are here, in part, to recognize and celebrate the museum. I want to thank His Excellency Jean Mendelson, the Ambassador of France to Cuba, for his important support of French culture in Cuba and for hosting a reception in his residence. Finally, we are all especially grateful for the work of Luke Dalla Bona. The location of this Congress was his idea and his hard work is the single most important reason for what will be, without question, its tremendous success. »

J. David Markham
INS President

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