43rd Annual Conference
21-23 February 2013
Ft. Worth, Texas, USA


The 2013 CRE conference was held in the historic Hilton Hotel in downtown Ft. Worth. That hotel was previously known as the Hotel Texas and is where US President John F. Kennedy spent the night before his Dallas rendezvous with fate on 22 November 1963. The hotel exterior looks much as it did then and there is a wonderful memorial nearby.

The conference itself was a great success. The CRE is the prime academic organization in our field and they routinely attract some of the top scholars in the world. This year was no exception. There were 33 sessions, most of which had 3 speakers, as well as a chair and commentator. There were also a number of interesting round table discussions. INS President Markham has attended these conferences since 1994 and always promotes the INS and recruits participants for our congresses and authors for our journal. This year was no exception and a number of scholars committed to attending the next INS Congress, which will be held in Toronto in July. Edna Markham teamed up with Rafe Blaufarb (Ben Weider Scholar at Florida State University and Director of the Institute on Napoleon and the French Revolution, as well as our Awards Committee chair) and Caleb Greinke, also from FSU, to present a session on Naval Dimensions of the Wars of Latin American Independence. There were numerous other outstanding papers presented. The program can be found below.

For INS Fellows and other students of Napoleonic history, the highlight of the weekend is the Masséna Society banquet held on Friday evening. This year’s banquet was special as we celebrated Don Horward’s 80th birthday. There was a very large turnout and many speakers, including President Markham and Prince Victor Masséna, paid special tribute to a man who has done more than anyone else in North America to promote the study of Napoleonic history. In addition, Dr. Horward and Prince Masséna initiated a number of scholars into the Masséna Society.

This year’s CRE was a great experience. It was hosted by North Texas State University and run by Dr. Michael Leggiere. He and all of his associates deserve very high praise for an outstanding event. The 2014 CRE will be on February 20-22, at the University of Mississippi in Oxford, MS.


Click here to read the program of the Consortium


The memorial to assassinated President
John F Kennedy, with the historic
Hotel Texas in the background
INS President David Markham and Prof. Wayne
Hanley (a leading expert on Marshal Ney)
show off their matching ties to Betje
Klier of the Latin Gulf South Research Center.
Distinguished scholar Rafe Blaufarb of
Florida State University reports on the
activities of the Institute on
Napoleon and the French Revolution

INS President David Markham gives an
update on INS activities and reminisces
about Don Horward’s decisive role in his
getting involved in Napoleonic history
over two decades ago
Jeanne Ojala recalls numerous stories
of Don Horward.
Dr. Howard smiles as he hears many
stories about him and his many
students over the years.
INS Editor-in-Chief Alexander
Mikaberidze recalls his years studying
under Dr. Horward.


Prince Victor Masséna, a long-time
friend, gives his perspective on
Don’s impressive career.
Don Horward and Prince Masséna
prepare to initiate more scholars
into the Masséna Society.


Don Horward flashes his famous smile
as he recalls a few stories of his own!

Two old friends, Don Horward and Jerry
Gallaher, recall old times together
at the banquet.


Caleb Greinke of Florida State University and
Edna Markham of the INS prepare
to give their presentations