13th International Napoleonic Society Congress

Endings and Beginnings: The World in 1815

Bedford Hotel and Congress Centre

Brussels, Belgium 6-10 July 2015


The International Napoleonic Society will hold its thirteenth  International Napoleonic Congress in Brussels, Belgium. Brussels is a wonderful city with incredible history, culture, and culinary opportunities, as well being very close to Waterloo. The Congress will be held in the beautiful Bedford Hotel and Congress Centre, which has an excellent downtown location. Reservations must be made using the hotel registration form. You can email or fax the form to the contact information on the form.

We anticipate that most papers will concentrate on the political and military events in Europe and North America and of the implications of those events. Of course other papers of interest and important new research will also be considered. The official languages will be English and French, though we encourage English presentations, as no translation services will be available. Previous Congresses have been held in Canada, Cuba, Italy, Israel, Georgia, Poland, France, Malta and Russia, and future Congresses are currently planned for Ireland, France, Norway, St. Helena and the United States. These Congresses attract scholars from throughout the world. We encourage all people interested in this era to attend this Congress, whether or not they wish to give a paper. Plans for the Congress include a tour of the battlefields of Waterloo and Ligny and assorted museums.

For further information, please contact:

J. David Markham, INS President
81 Navy Wharf Court, Suite 3315
Toronto, ON M5V 3S2
ins@napoleonicsociety.com  imperialglory@comcast.net
Phone: (416) 342-8081  Fax: (416) 368-2887