International Napoleonic Congresses

The most fundamental goal of the International Napoleonic Society is to promote the study of the Napoleonic Era by scholars throughout the world. This research is strengthened by the opportunity for scholars to share their work with others at our International Napoleonic Congresses. We have held these congresses in Canada, France  Italy, Israel, Georgia, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Cuba, Belgium and Ireland. Future plans (*) include Oslo (July 2018) and St Helena, as well as other locations. These Congresses have attracted some of the world's top Napoleonic historians from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America. Some of the papers have been published in various journals, including our own, Napoleonic Scholarship, in proceedings of the Congresses (both paper and DVD), and on our website.

This section contains information about past Congresses, as well as links to upcoming Congresses. We hope that by seeing how successful and important these events are, you will be inspired to participate in a future Congress. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact J. David Markham, President.

International Napoleonic Society Sixteenth International Napoleonic Congress Empires and Eagles: Napoleon and Austria Palais Eschenbach Vienna, Austria 9-15 July 2018

It is with great pleasure that we send you the program
for our upcoming INS Congress of Vienna.
I hope you will agree that this promises to be one of the best ever.
We have participants from 22 countries, ranging from the US and Canada, Cuba and Mexico to South Africa, numerous countries in Europe, Russia, Turkey and Israel.


Fifteenth International Napoleonic CongressTHE INTERNATIONAL NAPOLEONIC SOCIETY




TRIER, GERMANY 10 - 14 JULY 2017

International Napoleonic Society
Fourteenth International Napoleonic Congress
Shades of 1916: Ireland in Revolutionary
and Napoleonic Europe

Stephen’s Green Hibernian Club
Dublin, Ireland 11-16 July 2016


Cuban Warmth Reigns Supreme
for Twelfth International Napoleonic Congress
7-11 July 2014, Havana, Cuba

Of the 12th International Napoleonic Society Congress
Napoleon and Revolutions
Around the World

Havana, Cuba, July 7-11, 2014

More details for Cuba with
optional tours during & after the Congress

Call for Papers

Registration Form


10th. INS Congress held in Russia - July 2012
Napoleon’s 1812 Russian Campaign in World History:
A Retrospective View 

In cooperation with the Institute of World History
(Russian Academy of Science) 
Russian State University for the Humanities 
Association Dialogue Franco-Russe 
State Borodino War and History Museum and Reserve 
Moscow, Russian Federation 9-13 July 2012


9th. INS Congress, held in the Netherlands -July 2011
Napoleonic Europe at its Peak 
In cooperation with the Foundation Top of Holland
(Citymarketing Den Helder) 
The City of Den Helder 
The Royal Netherlands Navy 
Fort Kijkduin 
Den Helder, The Netherlands 4–8 July 2011


8th. INS Congress, held in Malta - July 2010
Napoleon and the Transition to the Modern World 
Corinthia Palace Hotel and Spa 
San Anton, Malta, 12–16 July 2010


7th. INS Congress held in Canada - June 2009
Napoleon, Europe and the World 
In cooperation with the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts 
Montréal, Québec, Canada 8-12 June 2009


6th. INS Congress held in France - July 2008
Napoleon and the Mediterranean 
In cooperation with the City of Ajaccio, 
the General Council of Southern Corsica, and the
Territorial Collective of Corsica 
Ajaccio, Corsica, France 7 – 11 July 2008


5th. INS Congress held in Poland - July 2007
Napoleon and Poland 1807 – 2007 
In cooperation with the 
Słupsk Pedagogical Academy and the Polish Historical Society 
Słupsk, Poland 1 – 5 July 2007


Israeli Conference - May 2007


4th. INS Congress held in France - July 2005
Imperial Glory: Austerlitz and Europe in 1805 
In cooperation with the city of Dinard, France 
Dinard, France 9 – 16 July 2005


3rd. INS Congress held in Georgia - June 2000
Napoleon’s Campaigns and Heritage 
In cooperation with the Napoleonic Society of Georgia 
Tbilisi, Georgia 12 – 18 June 2000


2nd. INS Congres held in Israel - July 1999
Napoleon and the French in Egypt and the Holy Land 1799 – 1801 
In cooperation with the Israeli Society for Napoleonic Research 
Tel Aviv – Yafo – Jerusalem – Acco 4 – 10 July 1999


1st. INS Congres held in Italy - July 1997
Europe Discovers Napoleon: 1793 – 1804 
Cittadella of Alessandra Italy 21 – 26 June 1997



Napoleonic Historical Society Convention
in Las Vegas - November 2010


International Symposium - The 1809 Campaign,
Army Museum of Vienna (Austria) - June 2009


Swedish Commission on Military
History Visit to RUSI - September 2009


35TH International Congress of
Military History - August 2009


INS Fellows attend Borodino
conference - September 2002




Napoleon and Revolutions Throughout the World 
In cooperation with the Museo Napoleónico, La Habana 
Havana, Cuba 
July, 7-11, 2014 


Waterloo and Beyond
Brussels, Belgium 
In cooperation with Vesalius College, Vrije Universiteit Brussel 
July 2015 


Napoleon and the Irish
Dublin, Ireland 
In cooperation with the Government of Ireland 
Trinity College Dublin 
The Napoleon Society of Ireland 
July 2016 


Napoleon’s Final Years 
In cooperation with Enterprise St. Helena and the French Consul to St. Helena 
Jamestown, St. Helena 
July, 2017