Fifth International Napoleonic Congress in Słupsk, Poland,
1-5 July 2007

Napoleon had a very special relationship with Poland. His Polish mistress, Marie Walewska, was perhaps the woman who was most loyal to him, and the Poles in the Grande Armée were certainly among the most loyal of his soldiers. So it was most appropriate that the INS held its 5th International Napoleonic Congress in Słupsk in 2007, the 200th anniversary of Napoleon’s main campaign in Poland. And like Napoleon’s experience with the Poles, the Congress met with great success.

The Congress was organized by our representative for Poland, Tadeusz Klupczyński and hosted by the Pedagogical Academy of Słupsk and its president, Professor Tomasz Katafiasz, who is also very active in the Polish Historical Society. The Congress was held in the historic castle, which added to the enjoyment of all participants. International participants included Americans Michael Bonura, PhD from West Point Military Academy (joined by his wife Kimberlee), John G. Gallaher, PhD (joined by his daughter Jennifer), and INS President (then Vice-President) J. David Markham (joined by his wife Barbara). Nikita Redko of Kazakhstan also attended, joined by his colleagues Gennadiy Vassilyev and Zhanar Davletova. Twenty-eight scholars from Poland presented papers, making this Congress a great academic success.

In addition to the papers, participants were treated to some outstanding reenactments, some outstanding cuisine, a trip to important museums and historical sites at Zamośc and great historical discussions. We were also treated by the presence of Napoleon himself, nicely portrayed by Waldemar Zyra.

To honor the outstanding contributions of Polish scholarship, Vice-President Markham gave the INS Eagles, symbolic of becoming a Fellow in the INS, to Jacek Feduszka PhD, Robert Kłosowicz PhD,Tomasz Klauza, Krzysztof Rumiński PhD, and Waldemar Żyra, as well as Vasiliev Genadi Pavlovich of Kazakhstan.

The people of Poland were outstanding hosts, and the INS thanks all who helped to produce this excellent Congress. Discussions are already underway to hold another Congress in Poland in the future.

David Markham opens the academic congress


Tomasz Katafiasz welcomes the
participants to the congress


Tadeusz Klupczy n ski is joined by
a familiar looking fellow!


New INS Fellows Genadi Pavlovich, Krzysztof Ruminski
and Jacek Feduszka pose with
David Markham after receiving their Eagles.


Participants from Asia, Europe and North America


John Gallaher, Tomasz Katafiasz and
Tadeusz Klupczy n ski discuss
Gallaher's book during a break.


A firing squad prepares to execute a traitor!
The first grenadier with a musket is Katarzyna Rojek,
the only female re-enactor.


David Markham, John Gallaher and
Tadeusz Klupczy n ski
pose with their Guard of Honor


Napoleon ( Waldemar Zyra ) greets Barbara
and David Markham


Katarzyna Rojek and Tomasz Katafiasz at a
plaque commemorating the 200th anniversary
of Napoleon's campaign in Poland.


Zhanar Davletova, David Markham, and Nikita Redko


Jennifer Gallaher with Michael and Kimberley Bonura