The Instituto Napoleónico México-Francia is the Mexican Napoleonic group that is in close cooperation with the INS. Their founder and President, Eduardo Garzón-Sobrado, has established the Count Las Cases award for Napoleonic Literature. This year's winner for French literature was Michel Franceschi and Ben Weider's book, Napoléon, défenseur immolé de la Paix.

The winner for literature in English was David Markham's book, Imperial Glory: The Bulletins of Napoleon's Grande Armée, 1805-1814. The prize is a great honor to all three authors, each of whom received a beautiful silver medal. Presidents Garzón-Sobrado and Markham have established a good relationship, and both groups are committed to working closely with each other.

Ben Weider, INS Founder

General Michel Franceschi

J. David Markham, INS President