«With Caulaincourt in Russia»
By Elena Khonineva, FINS



Bonaparte in Egypt





The 18th of Brumaire, Rescuing the Republic and Civil Peace



The 13 Vendémiaire, Republican Coronation of Napoléon



The Duke of Enghien Affair: A Plot against Napoleon



Siege of Toulon 1793, Napoleon takes command, Published in the Military History magazine - by Philip Dwyer. Posted on August 2008



Napoleon I of France and the Legion of Honor, The story of French Imperial Knighthood (1892-1815) - by Dr. Stewart Addington Saint-David, Phd, FINS - Posted on June 2008



The Convention of Mortefontaine - By Baron C.F. De Méneval



Napoleon Man of Peace (3.5 megs)


The debut of a strunning career - translated by Jonathan House, from the French Magazine, Les Chroniques de l'Histoire, October 2008

Iena 1806, The Battle that Napoleon did not want - by Jean-Claude Damamme



Napoleon, Myths and Misunderstandings - by Caporal Duncan Miles



Napoleon: the man who wrote of peace while facing war - by Benjamin W. L. Derhy, FINS, May 2011


The case of Napoleon's lost Army - A world-renowned forensic archeologist reveals the grim fate of Napoleon's French army at Vilnius - Published in Armchair General magazine, September 2011 - by Douglas D. Scott



Twenty-Nineth bulletin Molodetchna, 3 December 1812



Napoleon's Russian Nightmare 1812, Misjudgments, Russian strategy and «General Winter» changed the course of history - Published in Armchair General magazine, September 2011 - by Jerry D. Morelock, FINS



Did Marshal Ney die in America ? - By Pascal Cazottes, translated by Jinny Addesa



Armchair-General Magazine's Greatest General Competition. Posted on September 2008



The Death of the Prince Imperial in Zululand in 1879 - Translated by Jonathan House from «Tradition Magazine», September 2008



Jean Noel Santini, a faithful servant - by Pascal Cazottes, translated by Eleanor O'Hanlon



History Chronicles - Jean-Étienne Portalis, Author of the Civil Code, by Jean-Luc Chartier, Officier



Key dates Translated by Jonathan House from the French Magazine «Les Chroniques de l'Histoire». Posted on September 2008.



Napoleon's Old Guard Infantry men - by Jerry Morelock, «Armchair General» magazine of November 2008