Although plans were made for him to travel to the USA, there is some controversy that Napoleon was promised asylum in England.


It is our view that Liverpool, Castlereagh and Bathurst betrayed Napoleon by offering him asylum in England and then sending him off to St-Helena.


Hereunder is the text of the letter of protest sent by Napoleon to the English ministers as soon as he learned of the decision to deport him to St-Helena.




Extrait de "Le Mémorial de Sainte-Hélène"

Propos de l'Empereur

recueillis par le comte Emmanuel de Las Cases




"I hereby solemnly protest in the face of God and of men, against the violation of my most sacred rights, in forcibly disposing of my person and my liberty. I came voluntarily on board of the Bellerophon. I am not the prisoner, but the guest of England.


As soon as I was seated on board of the Bellerophon, I was upon the hearths of the British people. If the government, in giving orders to the captain of the Bellerophon to receive me as well as my suite, only intended to lay a snare for me, it has forfeited its honour, and disgraced its flag.


If this act is consummated, the English will in vain boast to Europe of their integrity, their laws, and their liberty. British good faith will be lost in the hospitality of the Bellerophon.


I appeal to history; it will say that an enemy, who for twenty years waged war against the English people, came voluntarily in his misfortunes to seek an asylum under their laws. What more brilliant proof could he give of his esteem and his confidence? But what return did England make for so much magnanimity? A hospitable hand was pretended to be held out to that enemy; and when he confided to it in good faith, he was immolated !"



August 4th, 1815