by David Chandler



Prior to her marriage, on the 18th of November 1999, Ms. Natalia Goutina won a very important prize form "The Napoleon Foundation", which allowed her to work in Paris. She is presently working energetically to complete her doctorate.


I suggested to the President of The International Napoleonic Society, Mr. Ben Weider, to make her a "Fellow" of the Society, and this was done. I then recommended her for the "Medal of Merit", and explained to Ben Weider why she deserved such an award.


Ben Weider agreed and sent me the medal in England, and I had the great honor of presenting her with the medal number 53 on the 25th of August 2000.



The world famous Dr. David Chandler happily poses with

Natalia Griffon de Pleineville


Through my encouragement and the encouragement of her teachers in Russia, Natalia was soon writing poetry about "Waterloo", and has had several articles and reports printed in the Russian newspapers and appeared on television many times. At the time she was only 17 years old.


I was delighted with her initiative and abilities and when she expressed her determination to go to France, I did everything I could to help her.

She has taken part in the Napoleonic Association events, both in French and English, and eventually married a Lieutenant of the French "Bataillon des Ouvriers Militaires de la Marine".


Natalia certainly worked hard and she has finally won a very important French prize for her work on Napoleonic history.


I was thrilled for her.


This event was covered by television and press, in a most favorable manner.


On the 26th of August 2000, Gill (my wife) and I were very honored and delighted to be present for the wedding of this happy couple. Her family and approximately 30 of her closest friends, Russian, French and English, were present at the wedding. There was also a Guard of Honor.

I have every confidence in Natalia and I know that she will continue to grow in her knowledge of Napoleonic history.

Natalia and her husband Griffon de Pleineville

cutting the wedding cake in August 2000.



Prince Charles Napoleon

in a visit to

the Sandhurst Military Academy

in June 1998

enjoyed receiving David Chandler's

Masterpiece Book


"The Campaigns of Napoleon.















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