Date: April 7, 2003


TO:  Members of the International Napoleonic Society


FROM:  Dr. Ben Weider, President, and Donald D. Horward, Chair of                   the 2002 Literary Committee


RE: The 2002 Literary Awards


During the year fifteen excellent volumes were submitted to the 2002 Literary Committee of the International Napoleonic Society for the annual prize.  We are pleased to announce that, as a result of the evaluations by the Committee, composed of Dr. David Gates, David Markham, Dr. Jeanne Ojala and D. D. Horward the following awards have been made:


First Prize of $2,500 is awarded to Michael Leggiere for his volume,  Napoleon and Berlin, published by the University of Oklahoma Press.


Second Prize of $1,500 is awarded to Rory Muir, for his volume,  Salamanca, 1812, published by Yale University Press.


This year, the President's Choice Award of $1,000 was given to Dominique Jamet, for his volume, Napoléon, published by Plon in Paris.


Each of these publications has met the rigorous criteria established by the Literary Committee; they represent a significant contribution to the study of the Napoleonic period as exemplified by the quality of research, originality, style, and analysis.  It is a pleasure to congratulate each of these authors on their commitment and achievement.