The International Napoleonic Society is pleased to publish 2 very important letters, which confirm Ben Weider's research on the death of Napoleon by poisoning.


The FBI, one of the most important Police Agencies in the world, confirms that the arsenical level in Napoleon's hair is consistent with arsenic poisoning.


The Chief Toxicologist of the Louis Pasteur University equally confirms this information.


We are proud to publish their letters as proof that the high levels of arsenic in Napoleon's hair are commensurate with arsenic poisoning.


Translation of the Louis Pasteur letter:


Mister Ben Weider


Dear Sir,

We are pleased to inform you that we have completed the analysis of Napoleon's hair. The concentrations of arsenic varied between 7,0 and 38,5 ng/mg. Taking into a account a thorough decontamination, these results show without ambiguity, a repeated exposure to arsenic.


We will send you a complete and detailed report shortly.


Best regards,


Professor B. Ludes

Doctor P. Kintz