Gérard Dupuis, special delegate of the International Napoleonic Society of France, receives the Legion of Merit Medal.


During a dinner banquet, which was organized by Le souvenir Napoléonien de Paris, in the city of Paris, Gérard Dupuis, who is a member of the Executive of Le Souvenir Napoléonien de Paris, and responsible for his contacts with The International Napoleonic Society of Montreal, was presented, by President Ben Weider (left) of The International Napoleonic Society, the prestigious "Legion of Merit Medal" of The International Napoleonic Society.

Ben Weider, in presenting this medal said :

    "Gérard Dupuis, you are a highly motivated and dedicated individual, who works hard to promote the truth about the Emperor Napoleon throughout the francophone world. The International Napoleonic Society is proud of you and the work that you are doing, and we wish to thank you and recognize you by presenting you with this prestigious award."

Third from the right, standing with the microphone, is Prince Charles Napoleon, who is extremely active in the International Napoleonic Society and who appreciates the work that Gérard Dupuis is accomplishing, on behalf of the Society.

Congratulations to Gérard Dupuis.