INS Scholars Attend Borodino Conference


Donald Horward, John "Jerry" Gallaher and J. David Markham gave papers at the All Russia Borodino Conference, 9-11 September 2002. Hosted by Alisa Katchalova, Director of the Museum and Battlefield Preserve, the conference was devoted to the scholarly exchange of ideas on the campaign of 1812 and the Battle of Borodino. Howard gave a paper on Colonel Jean-Jacques Pelet and the retreat from Russia, Gallaher gave a similar paper on Marshal Davout, and Markhamís paper was on the image of the campaign in Napoleonís Bulletins. Numerous scholars from Russia, France, the Czech Republic and elsewhere participated in the very successful conference.

In addition to the conference, participants toured the battlefield, visited the museum and saw the Kremlin, the Borodino Panarama, and Red Square. INS Executive Vice-President Markham and his wife Barbara hosted a farewell party for all participants.

This is the second time that the INS has participated in this conference, and we look forward to more opportunities in the future. Markham and Katchalova are hoping to produce an official INS conference at Borodino in the future.


Barbara Markham and Annabel Horward tour the Borodino Museum

Don Horward, David Markham and Jerry Gallaher at the French monument at Borodino


INS Fellow and Legion of Merit holder Fernand Beaucour presents his paper at the conference

Some of the conference participants by the French Monument

A few hardy participants visited Red Square on a cold and windy day


David Markham and Alisa Katchalova bid a fond farewell at the party hosted by the Markhams

David Markham with the Czech delegation


Fernand Beaucour, David Markham, Jerry Gallaher, Barbara Markham and Don Horward with the Imperial Sevres service on display in the Kremlin


Russian scholar Lydia Ivchenko was an outstanding

guide to the battlefield of Borodino